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Massage For PMS

Massage For Women Dublin: Massage for PMS, self-care techniques to try

If you suffer from premenstrual syndrome, massage may help.  In a study at the University of Miami's Medical School, women suffering from PMS experienced reduced anxiety, depression and pain immediately after receiving massage.  After a series of massages, the women reported a reduction in water retention.

When you have PMS symptoms, have a friend or family member press with heels of the hand down the muscles on the sides of the spine from waist to sacrum (the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine). Press through clothing, or use a little oil on bare skin.  Blending 1 drops or 2 of lavender, clary sage and geranium essentials oils in your massage oil can further aid in reducing pain and other symptoms.

If you are alone and want relief, try this exercise.  Lie on a carpeted floor.  Hug your knees to your chest and lift your head so that you form a ball.  Rock back and forth for a minute or more.  Then rock gently side to side.  Lie back, relax and breathe deeply.  As part of this routine, you can also roll your lower spinal muscles over a soft, squishy ball, leaning back into the ball as much as is comfortable for you.

Help during life's transition

Massage and menopause

Menopause a process spanning a number of years, is different for every woman.  Sometimes in her 40's, a woman may begin experiencing symptoms like irregular periods, night sweats, headaches or insomnia.  As she ages the symptoms often becomes stronger and she may also experience achy joints, irritability and fatigue.  Heavy bleeding, bloating and difficulty concentrating are also commonly reported.

While menopause is natural and normal, these symptoms, especially in combination, can be frustrating and stressful.  Women can find relief from their symptoms with therapies such as acupunture, meditation, yoga, exercise, nutritional therapy and massage.

Massage for Women Dublin: How can massage help?

Offers the time and space to relax. During a massage, you breathe deeply and let go of anxiety and irritability.

Massage relieves tension in muscles around the joints, making movement easier and less painful. Keeping joints moving may be the best thing you can do to maintain joint health.

Eases headaches and neck tightness. Massage can release tension that restricts circulation, and causes tension and pain.

Increase energy and the ability to focus. Improved circulation to the brain results in increased energy and ability to concentrate.

Moisturizes your skin.  Massage uses high quality oils and lotions that are good for your skin.  Aromatic essential oils from healing plants are often added that benefit your skin and as well as lift your mood.

Improves sleep.  Less anxiety and muscle tension will make it easier to relax when you are ready for bed.

Promotes a positive body image.  Massage therapists are in the business to help people enjoy their bodies more fully.  Each session should allow you a feeling or reconnecting with and honoring your body.

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