Massage for Therapists and
Health Practitioners

Massage for Therapists

Do you know someone who is giving, caring, helping other people so much so that they ignore their own wellbeing? Or may be this is you?


Are you a Holistic Therapist, a Nurse or a Health Practitioner? How many hours do you spend every day attending other people needs?

How long does it take you to unwind?

How much do you value your own wellness?

Let me tell you what will happen if you don’t, you will end up feeling:

  1. tired,
  2. drained,
  3. resentful,
  4. anxious and,
  5. burnt nout!

To prevent this happening, I recommend you have a weekly massage - The benefits of massage in reducing stress have been proven in numerous pilot studies. A good massage will help you feel loved, relaxed, serene and you will pass on those good vibes to your clients.

Your clients will love you for it too. Have you ever heard them say, do you ever get a massage? That's because they want you to be happy and feeling good also. And what’s the point of running a successful practice if you’re too tired to appreciate it!

Would you like to feel loved, relaxed, serene and even empowered so that you can help your clients? Then call me now and let’s start working together on getting you re-vitalised the wholistic way.

I am offering a range of revitalising treatments to bring the fun and magic back to life, including hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage and reflexology treatments. Because I also work outside office hours, it will be easy for you to fit your massage into your busy schedule.

Unwind, relax, revitalise. Pick up that phone now!

Call Catherine on 087 2529456. Bliss is just a few steps away ...

Skype Me™!

To your vibrant energy and wellbeing,

Love & fun,


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