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Bodywork can Ease Adolescent Angst

Massage For Teenagers Dublin: why you should encourage your teens to get a massage

While teens may be less likely than their parents to go to a massage therapist, there are plenty of reasons why this age group should be encouraged to give it a try.  The benefits of massage are well documented, among them relief of muscle tension, lowered stress hormones, increased sense of relaxation, improved immune function, and even a heightened ability to concentrate, according to studies conducted by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine.  But for teenagers, there's an additonal payback.

Massage For Teenagers Dublin: why it can be crucial for teens.

Perhaps even more crucial, teen massage can help improve body image and sleep patterns, and contribute to decreased depression, anxiety, and stress.  This keeps a teen connected to his/her body, even as it morphs in confounding ways.  Adolescents need adult confidantes, but keep parents at a distance, a massage practitioner can become a supportive, trusted adult in a teen's life.  

Massage For Teenagers Dublin: support body acceptance as well as awareness

For teenagers, massage supports body acceptance as well as awareness.  When a massage therapist touches a teenager in a supportive and non-judgemental way, it promotes self-esteem.  It's also a way to learn self-care, a tool people can rely on throughout life.  In fact, a nurturing relationship with a massage therapist can support anybody, whatever their developmental stage.

Massage teaches teenagers to learn where they store stress and how it feels to be relaxed.  This teaches a valuable coping strategy - tuning into tense areas of the body, and taking conscious step to relax.

As they grow

In Touch Research Institue studies, massage for older children reduced markers that indicate stress such as heart rate and stress hormone levels.  Preschoolers performed better on tests.  Children with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and learning disabilities all benefited from regular, nurturing touch.  

In one Touch Research Institute study, parents gave their asthmatic children a 20-minute massage before bedtime every night for 30 days.  The children's anxiety levels decreased and their pulmonary functions improved.  Massage can also help your active child prevent and recover from athletic injuries.

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A parent needs to give permission for anyone under the age of 18 to receive massage

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