Holistic Relief: A 4 Dimension Experience of
Body, Emotion, Mind and Spirit

What is Holistic Relief for You?

Have you ever had the experience of being really listened to and felt the relief of knowing someone truly understands? There is a lifting of spirit, a lightening of heart and you feel accepted and whole. When we speak of "Holistic and Relief" in relation to treatments and therapies, we can liken it to the healing experience of being truly heard.

Your busy modern lives and schedules demand you focus on what is outside of you, rarely giving you time to stop and listen to what is going on inside. Your experience of self becomes fracturated and those aspects of the whole, body, mind, emotion and spirit, become disconnected. You literally stop listening and relating to yourself.

It is no wonder you begin to feel the physical and mental strain and fragmentation. You might feel it as stress, pain or fatigue and if you continue to ignore what your inner self is telling you, then these symptoms will feed off each other until you are literally forced, through serious illness or breakdown, to stop and listen.

Stop and listen. Easy to say, hard to do. How do you slow down long enough to create the silence necessary to hear yourself speak>?

"I sincerely believe the process of relaxation can bring you to your high self" - Catherine Roe, Certified Massage Therapist.

From the moment you step through our door at Amatouch, you will be given every opportunity to relax and listen to what your body is saying. All our treatments, though varied are designed to bring optimum relief and healing to all of who you are.

Holistic Relief in Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is probably the greatest example of a body, mind and spirit experience. The physical experience of pregnancy grounds you and keeps you centred on yourself and the growing life within but it is very easy to feel overwhelmed at times. Keeping things in perspective is also a challenge during pregnancy and stress can manifest itself in back pain, fatigue or nausea. Regular massage can really help you to feel nurtured and nourished and in turn you are creating the healthiest possible environment for your unborn child. The word "Amatouch" comes from the Basque language and means "Mother Touch" and as every mother knows, we all need to feel a loving touch every now and then.

Holistic Relief in Hot Stone Massage

This wonderful treatment combines the science of geothermotherapy with the science of medicine. Smooth, heated stones are put on specific points along the spine, or hands or even between the toes to improve the flow of energy around your body. Cold, marble stones can be used also to greet effect to reduce inflammation and inhibiting pain. The simple weight of the stones on your body helps keep you present and grounded during this healing therapy.

Holistic Relief in Aromatherapy Massage

One of the main reasons this form of therapy continues to be hugely popular is it truly creates a holistic, healing experience. The fragrant, essential oils are chosen to match your mood and we at Amatouch pride ourselves on our skilful blends, creating a healing synergy. The oils are absorbed through the skin and their properties can affect the whole body and promote healing. And it doesn't stop there! Much of the essential oils are inhaled during the treatment and can help to relax or stimulate the brain, giving you a much needed rest or a much needed boost.

Reflexology and Holistic Relief

Here at Amatouch, we are as interested in preventing painful conditions as we are in healing them. Reflexology uses the foot as a whole body map and can read, with great accuracy, your overall health. Whether you just want a relaxing foot massage or are looking to improve your overall or specific health, reflexology is another way to tune into your body and listen carefully to what is going on.

So before you head back out into your busy, hectic lives, let's take this time to stop a minute and listen. Close your eyes and open your mind. Let whatever emotion you are feeling flow through you. Feel the silence of the spirit within. What is your body telling you right now?

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