Amatouch Code of Conduct

The following code of conduct is in place:

Amatouch will always maintain a working environment to a high standard, both in terms of equipment and cleanliness and also in terms of the general atmosphere – effectively ensuring the best possible working environment

Client will be expected to answer a detailed medical questionnaire at first appointment that will be kept for consultation and to inform the therapist of any changes in their health condition in the following appointments.

Amatouch practitioner will explain or describe the processes of any treatment and obtain client’s consent before commencing. The client should feel free to ask any questions about their treatment or the processes involved which will be answered honestly.

Good physical health is a requisite condition of Amatouch practitioner as well as personal cleanliness

Amatouch practitioner will practise within their own limits of knowledge and experience and will seek further training and experiences so that skills base is constantly added to.

Amatouch reserves the right to admission and will not treat anyone who is under the influence of drink or drugs who presents as unstable, aggressive or threatening in their manner.

Amatouch practitioner behaviour will not include any action which could be construed as indecent assault or harassment.

Amatouch practitioners will not disclose any personal information gathered before or during the session without the client’s written consent. Records of any sessions will be kept and stored in a safe and secure manner and will not be disclosed to anyone other than the individual concerned. The record keeping complies with the Data Protection Act.

Amatouch will always treat clients in a caring and non-judgmental way, treating everyone appropriately and fairly according to their needs and regardless of issues such as race, class, age, gender, political or religious convictions, marital status or sexual orientation.

A copy of the insurance and training certificates are available on request

Any criticism and complaint will be dealt with promptly and constructively. A grievance procedure is in place and available on request.

Amatouch is aware of and respect the rights of other health practitioners. If appropriate Amatouch will ask a client if they have seen a doctor concerning their condition, and if not, advise them to do so.

Please feel free to discuss with me Amatouch code of conduct.

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