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Nurturing infants through teens

Baby Massage Dublin: the art of touch, provides a true human connection. Infant massage, an old tradition in Asia and Africa, offers love and attention to the newest of humans.  Parents when massage their infants intuitively feel that it gently enhances the well-being of their babies. What's more, in recent studies infants who were massaged relaxed more and gained weight faster than babies who weren't. Infant massage also promotes parent-child bonding, and can improve sleep, decrease discomforts of colic, and calm a fussy or teething baby.

Reduces children's stress

Baby Massage Dublin: Children of all ages often need the same

In our fast paced lives, many of us rely on massage to help reduce stress.  Children of all ages often need the same.  Children experience injuries, fears and confused feelings.  Starting school, family illness, divorce and other events can be stressful too.  Massage soothes the nervous system, and helps reduce insomnia, anxiety and other results of stress.

Massage provides special benefits for disabled or ill children. Nurturing touch can reduce their pain, frustration and isolation.  And some disabled children respond better to touch than talk for reassurance.

Massage also teaches children body awareness.  During massage, childrens can learn where they store stress and how it feels to be relaxed.  This teaches is a valuable coping strategy - tuning into tense areas of the body, and taking conscious steps to relax.

Baby Massage Dublin: Supports children as they grow

Pediatricians now say that children suffer from many of the same musculo-skeletal discomforts as adults.  Massage helps reduce leg cramps, growing pain and headaches.  For young athletes, it helps heal and decreases pain from sprains and other injuries.

Not only you but your baby, too, can benefit from massage.  The Touch Research Institute has completed many numerous studies showing that babies develop motor skills faster and grow greater responsiveness with massage.

What will your child's massage be like?

For young children, brief sessions are best.  The therapist may use ligth touch therapies such as gentle stroking with oil, Reiki or craniosacral.  Older children with injuries often respond well to specific injury treatment massage, however children with chronic conditions may need specialized treatments.

During a massage, your child will be in control, directing where he or she want to be touched and how much pressure is used.  For intants and pre-verbal toddlers, body cues like squirming or tensing will demonstrate what they like and don't like.  If a child is verbal, it can be his or her choice to talk during the massage.  At any time, she or he may need to take a break, stretch or play for a brief time.

Get a massage yourself if you never had one, to experience the power of touch and relaxation, and if you are interested in learning how to massage your child, look for child massage classes in your community.

Learning to give infant massage can help new moms and dads increase their ability to bond with baby.  If you are a grandparent or other caregiver, you can also enjoy this focused time to get to know and enhance the development of the new child in your life.

A parent needs to give permission for anyone under the age of 18 to receive massage

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