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This month of May for us in Ireland and for the Irish people in general has been tre-mend-ous, full of excitement, promises for the future, and healing of the past. Thanks be to all.

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Today's Positive Thinking

You have not only the right but the duty to be happy and successful.

Norman Vincent Peale

How can you nurture your children and nurture yourself?

  • By giving time to yourself, especially Dads too.
  • By prioritising our work and making more time for family through priority planning.
  • By getting regular holistic massages, escaping the chores of duties to create an oasis where you can replenish.

Giving too much time to unimportant tasks is the biggest mistake parents can make.

Having the necessary "me time" to refill the batteries, allows you to spend better quality time with your children as a result of you being relaxed, growing and giving more of your true self.

Make time for your partner’s wellbeing and yourself, every month, booking essential me time activities. These are not selfish activities as they give you time to replenish your essential self. Equipped with strength and less stress, you approach life in an amazingly different way; full of zest and zeal and vivacity!

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