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Today a few words on The Power of Relaxation

But before I’d like to wish you a happy St Patrick’s day, I know it is too early but it gives me a chance to offer one life changing advice, i.e be wise with the celebration but do try hard to have fun, it's the best medicine, I love it!

Personally I'd love to celebrate St Brigit’s of Ireland feast day in February as well, I like to identify with this great healer who was nicknamed "Mary of the Gael’s", as I believe in the body self healing ability. – A therapist colleague got it right when she named her practice “The healing Within”, we therapists are only catalysts.

Today's positive thinking:

Self trust is the first secret of success. So believe in and trust yourself.

Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Relaxation

This might sound like an antagonism but relaxation is important because it gives you the power to magically unlock potential and to live life to the full instead of feeling stuck – Let the energy flow in body, mind and also spirit that’s what is important.

A relaxed attitude also portrays confidence. Why should you be fearful? You have within yourself all that is needed to be assertive and recover if necessary - If you feel stressed and unable to cope learn to relax and develop an Annual Wellness Plan for yourself, that will incorporate the following:

  • Healthy Diet, 5 fruits and vegetables every day
  • Daily meditation, create your own personal altar using essential oils and practice mindfulness.
  • Weekly exercises such as malking, yoga, pilate, dancing.
  • Breathing techniques to help you during stressful daily big or small events.
  • Weekly massage, a time off just for yourself to relax and to develop your body self-healing ability

Most of you already know and implement those techniques but it is easy to fall again out of balance but remember I am there to keep you on track.

The important thing to remember for relaxation is to live “One day at a time” so that you can be in the now where life is.

Body Language

If you want to change your mental condition or emotional state then change your body language because it’s often a reflection of what is going on inside and by consciously acting how you want to feel and be you can become that person. This can be a bit difficult at the start but fake it until you make it, I believe it’s called practice.

A relaxed body generally lacks tension. Muscles are relaxed and loose. Movement is fluid and the person seems happy or unconcerned overall, chicky isn't it?

Sitting, leaning forward or standing at full height will portray assertion, etc …

One last word, think for a moment, did you get a massage this week? I can fix that for you immediately, call me now 087 2529456 to make your booking.

To your vibrant energy

Love & fun


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