How to Survive the Snow and Winter Season

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Happy new year 2011, do you know that January has 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays, this only happens every 823 years.

Stress the thought of plenty this year - Thoughts of plenty help create plenty.

A New Year’s Eve Ritual.

Sit quietly and reflect on this past year. Think about all that you have accomplished and be VERY proud of yourself!

Next, write on a piece of paper everything that you can think of that you’d like to release from 2010 – regrets, anger, worries, frustrations, poor health, sabotaging behaviors, stress, resentments, not feeling good enough, not taking care of yourself like you should have, etc.

Now crumple the piece of paper to energetically close off what’s contained there. Next, go where it’s safe to burn your list (in a fire pit, garbage can, fireplace, etc.)

As you burn the piece of paper, recite out loud this prayer below which is from Unity’s Daily Word:

“As I reflect on the events of the past year, I recognize successes and failures, gains and losses. Each event has taught me something and made me wiser. Knowing this, I acknowledge and release the past year in gratitude.

In contemplation of this coming year 2011, whether I am excited or apprehensive, I know the spirit of God will empower me to meet every situation with confidence and strength. With this in mind, I release any concerns I may have about the future.

Today I am ready to stand tall in this present moment. I appreciate the now, perfectly balanced between the blessings of the past and the promise of the future. This is the moment of power and action. I am ready!"

Next, go back inside and take a new piece of paper and write down all that you’d like to manifest in 2011. Don’t worry about the “how.” Just focus on the “why.” After your list is complete, hold the paper to your chest in complete gratitude. Remember that all things are possible. Take the paper and bury it in the ground outside your front door or in a potted plant in your home. Allow the earth to consume it as “seeds” and trust that your dreams will grow and blossom in 2011.

How did you survive the Snow this winter?

My husband and I were very lucky we flew to Spain and then up to France and did not see a snow flake.

I know by fact that many have suffered directly the consequences of the snow -

  • Flue and colds - the swine flue is back in action, one of my friend caught it!?!
  • Broken bones, sprain and injuries
    • Burst pipes.
    • Flights cancellation
    • The list goes on and on …

    I am really sorry if you find yourself in this difficult situation.

    Winter is a cold and contractive time, but with the help of essential oils, we can bring light and balance back into the long dark season. We relish a little down time to cleanse and support the kidneys. Nourish and nurture the kidneys this winter season.

    There are many ways essential oils can assist in balancing the kidney/bladder vital force. When one may experience cold extremities, a cold internal core, frequent urination and lower joint soreness:

    Warming essential oils, such as Ginger, Black-Pepper, Juniper-berry, massaged on the body or put in hot bath water (add mineral/sea salt for diuretic effect), can alleviate the inner chill and achiness.

    Use essential oil such as:

    Eucalyptus, Ravinsara, Cajeput, Frankincense and Red Thyme, they are good stimulating essential oils that can help support your immune system and keep at bay any viruses – Use them topically in a hand or body blend, or aromatically in a tissue and/or diffuser.

    I will be happy to create a blend for you to prevent or heal a debilitating state of health, the only thing you need to do is ask.

    Keep warm, sounds too simple? but it’s the only way, most winter cold or flue viruses are heat sensitive, so:

    • Now is the time to take out of the wardrobe your best Irish jumper and wear it day and night, that’s what I did.
    • Wear heavy socks at night-time and a pyjama at least to cover your shoulders, I know not really sexy!
    • And in the morning put on more socks before getting up to the kitchen, the easiest way to catch a cold is through the feet.

    Am I mollycoddling you? Well you know yourself how to keep warm at all time now and I hope you will enjoy our new massage table warmer during your next visit!

    Stay in touch, and to your success!

    Love and fun,


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