Singles: Get the Touch You Need

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Looking for a gift idea for that special someone this Valentine’s Day?

Offer the gift of touch this Valentine's Day.

Romantic Valentine's Day festival is much awaited by those in love but dreaded by singles!! So much is the hype about the festival that some singles even become depressed about not having a partner several days before the festival, calling it the “Single Awareness Day’,

...but singleton can also take themselves for a massage and enjoy the benefit of a therapeutic touch.

In today’s world, technology has reduced the amount of physical contact that people have with each other on a daily basis. Those subtle contacts with others, once common on a daily basis are gone. Most of us have experienced the sensation of touch deprivation at some point – the need to feel the benefits of touch. But touch deprivation can also have more serious consequences.

The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine says it has carried out more than 100 studies into touch and found evidence of significant effects, including faster growth in premature babies, reduced pain, decreased autoimmune disease symptoms, lowered glucose levels in children with diabetes, and improved immune systems in people with cancer

And the need for touch doesn’t diminish as we age. In fact, research on adults has proven that touch is essential for physical and emotional well-being: regular touch can lengthen life and could cut down on doctor’s visits!

Today's positive thinking: Norman Vincent Peale

"Practice creative listening. Get quiet so that insights can come through your mind".

Why I am thrilled?

It's official, I am thrilled to announce our new arrival!

Amatouch was born in Dublin in Ireland 6 years ago in 2005; it has been mothered by "mother earth" and fathered by "father sky". It is now officially registered in the Patents Office Journal, and legally adopted by my husband Joe and I!

We hope Amatouch will grow gracefully with love and determination to become a European brand leader! Are you up for it?!

We will keep you inform of its progress through this e-zine;-)

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February Months is St Valentine's month so I wanted to talk about it, next month we will learn about the "Power of Relaxation".

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