April deemed Stress Awareness Month

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Did you know that the non-profit health education organization, Health Resource Network (HRN) has declared April Stress Awareness Month?

Some people define stress as physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension or as an inability to cope with life. Many people tend to think that all stress is bad, but stress is necessary for humans to develop.

Not all stress is negative, we need stress to thrive, excel and enjoy life, this kind of positive stress can be good, and is known as Eustress but even positive stress can easily turn to negative stress - I'd like to ask you a simple question, how many Eustress inputs have you got in your life? Remember, it is important to have fun. What keep you going and motivate you?

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Today's positive thinking:

Never forget that all enthusiasm you need is in your mind. Let it out - let it live - let it motivate you.

Norman Vincent Peale

For Stress Relief this works like crazy

The problem arises when you can no longer effectively deal with the stressors causing your feelings of stress.

One definition of stress is how your body reacts to any situation that requires you to change or adjust. When your brain senses a threat, it tells the adrenal glands to release more of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol into your bloodstream.

These hormones fuel your fight or flight response, which gives you more ability to either fight a threat or run away from it. When the threat is gone, your body returns to normal because of the intense exertion of fighting or running.

  • Your muscles tense for action.
  • Your heart rate and blood pressure increase to send more blood to muscles to help them work.
  • Surface blood vessels constrict to limit bleeding if you are wounded.
  • Your liver dumps sugars (glucose) into the bloodstream for quick energy and your brain more effectively uses glucose.
  • Pupils of your eyes dilate to improve vision.
  • Your body produces sweat to cool itself.
  • Systems that are not needed for your immediate survival (such as digestion, the kidneys, the reproductive system, and the immune system) shut down.

The most techniques you know to relieve stress the better, I think laugh is the best remedy along with aromatherapy or hot stone massage, would you share with us on facebook the best way you know to relax? Go on then... If you'd like more tips on stress relief, I have created a free E-book to help you have a better quality of life, simply ask for it!

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Stress creating back pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments that people seek to alleviate when under stress. One of the best ways, which is also extremely pleasant, is to have a deep tissue massage using specific essential oils. Massage not only soothes the aches and pains associated with back pain, it also helps reduce stress, which in itself can put undue pressure on the large muscles in the back.

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