How Well Do You Love Your Body?

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Last month I made fun of Bastille day and wrote it with a "d" instead of two "ll", (I can explain what ll's are in french if some of you are interested) but I am sure you knew yourself.

Behind the scenes at Amatouch Magic Moment E-Zine is an amazing individual who will be joining me next month and who is also giving life to AmaCat, our fun loving Mascot, I'd like to introduce her to you.

Anne Tannam is a professional talented Irish Poet and Writer, I got her last book "Take this Life" for my husband's birthday as Joe loves writing poems and it is truly beautiful. I read one poem every day now it's part of my "5 a day" ...

I am truly enjoying this year's summer weather, I can say that confidently because I have been in the terrace a couple of times where as last year I did not get that chance! What about you? Are you having a summer break at all this year?

Today's Positive Thinking

When I loved myself enough I started treating myself to a massage at least once a month.

"When I Loved Myself Enough" Kim McMillen - A beautiful, simple book that illuminates the important things in life.

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Quiz: How Well Do I Love My Body?

On hot summer days, when bodies are typically more on display, we may feel particularly vulnerable if our body is even a fraction off of the culturally defined male or female perfect 10.

Focusing on the ways our body serves us and how we can serve it helps us to accept—yes, even love—our bodies and stop obsessing about its appearance. Take this Thriving quiz to find out how well you love your body. Our own opinion of ourselves influences others’ opinions of us much more than we realize.

True or False

  1. I appreciate that my arms enable me to hold someone I love, that my thighs enable me to run.
  2. I wear comfortable clothes that I really like and that feel good to my body, rather than trying to hide or camouflage my body or to follow uncomfortable fashion trends.
  3. I judge myself as a whole person, not just as a body.
  4. I do things that let me enjoy my body—dance, take a hot bath, walk, get a massage.
  5. I act the way I would if I had a perfect body.
  6. I notice that the appearance of people I admire is unimportant to their success and accomplishments.
  7. I do things I enjoy and don’t let my weight or shape keep me from it.
  8. I tell my body at night how much I appreciate what it has allowed me to do throughout the day.
  9. I exercise to feel good and love my body, not to lose weight.
  10. I count my blessings, not my blemishes.
  11. I think of my body as a source of pleasure.
  12. I only wear clothes that give me feelings of power, beauty and comfort.
  13. I consider myself the expert on my body, not the fashion magazines, the cosmetics industry, the weight tables.
  14. I am as “in love” with my body as an infant is.
  15. I think of my body as a tool, as an instrument of my life, not just as an ornament.
  16. I act as though I am my body’s ally and advocate, not its enemy.
  17. I listen to my body and take its needs and wishes into consideration when making decisions.
  18. I refuse to waste time criticizing my body or worrying about my appearance, and instead spend my time on something more precious or productive.
  19. When someone says, “You look great today,” I enthusiastically respond, “Why, thank you so much!”.

We may find ourselves more satisfied with our bodies and ourselves if we aim for lifestyle mastery, rather than mastery over our body, weight, or appearance. Lifestyle mastery has to do with developing our unique gifts and potential, expressing ourselves, developing meaningful relationships, learning how to solve problems, establishing goals and contributing to life.

In Health and Wellness,

Love, peace & wholeness,


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