Dublin Massage Therapy

Kind Words from Clients

  • "When I first came to Catherine I had pain in my shoulders especially while driving, I could not move without pain. I noticed quite a remarkable difference ..."

    Bernadette Byrne, 54, Clerical Officer- See all testimonials

  • "I first came to Catherine after my father offered me a gift voucher. At the time, I was feeling stressed, physically tired and emotionally drained. After the first massage I felt happier..."

    Susan Scott, 41, Youth Information Officer, Artist, Teacher - See all testimonials

  • "I have been receiving a massage from Catherine Roe's at Amatouch once a month for the past year. I always feel the benefit of her therapeutic touch both during the massage and afterwards... "

    Rena Collender, 44, Accountant, Mature Student - See all testimonials

Dublin Massage Therapy:
Optimum Relief, Healing & Balance

Are you running low in energy? Do you suffer from body aches and pain? Massage Therapy is the perfect antidote to stress. It calms the mind, settles the emotions, rejuvenates muscles and brings comfort.

Stress has been shown to be very harmful to our health, therefore it is important that the body's functions return to a state of balance following a stressful event.

Feel free to browse through our website, where you will find out more about the benefits of regular massage both on a physical and psychological level for yourself and everyone in the family.

Amatouch Dublin Massage Therapy

Amatouch is a holistic massage therapy and reflexology home based studio that is dedicated to the promotion of relaxation and wellness. I reconnect your body, mind and spirit bringing fun and relaxation back into your life. Do you know that a weekly massage actually speeds up the natural healing process of the body, gives the body a chance to return to normal and avoid a situation of chronic stress.

Offers the time and space to relax. During a massage, you breathe deeply and let go of anxiety and irritability.

Massage relieves tension in muscles around the joints, making movement easier and less painful. Keeping joints moving may be the best thing you can do to maintain joint health.

Eases headaches and neck tightnessMassage can release tension that restricts circulation, and causes tension and pain.

Increase energy and the ability to focus. Improved circulation to the brain results in increased energy and ability to concentrate.

Moisturizes your skin.  Massage uses high quality oils and lotions that are good for your skin.  Aromatic essential oils from healing plants are often added that benefit your skin and as well as lift your mood.

Improves sleep.  Less anxiety and muscle tension will make it easier to relax when you are ready for bed.

Promotes a positive body image.  Massage therapists are in the business to help people enjoy their bodies more fully.  Each session should allow you a feeling or reconnecting with and honoring your body.

Hello, my name is Catherine Etcheverry Roe, I am a certified Massage/Reflexology therapist and Aromatherapist (ITEC Dip, IFPA Dip) as well as a Health and Wellness Coach (CWHC). 

I work with women and men of all ages and shapes and I want to help you feel more relaxed, grounded, centred and confident in yourself. This results in a healthier approach to life and often leads to improved relationships and work performance.

Catherine Roe

Dublin Massage Therapy promotes physical and mental, emotional and spiritual wellness through a range of holistic bodywork treatments including:

  • Holistic Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Cupping Massage

Amatouch treatments will help:

  • soothe nerves
  • reduce stress
  • loosen stiff muscles,
  • relieve pain

If you have any questions about our treatments please consult our FAQ's page. 

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