Cupping Massage

What is Cupping Massage?

  • -If you are feeling tired with sore muscles with a build up of lactic acid and you find it difficult to move your head and upper body.
  • -When you have low back, shoulders or leg pain.
  • -When you are feeling stuck and congested in your body.
  • -After a sport performance.

This kind of massage reaches the deeper layers of muscles. It helps to break up and eliminate scar tissues that might come from previous injuries. The massage is corrective as well as therapeutic.

Suction and negative pressure is known to break up localized stagnation. Once an adhesion or congestion is pulled away from its source, fresh blood, energy and fluids rush in to speed up healing.

  • Drain excess fluids and toxins
  • Loosen adhesions
  • Light connective tissue
  • Enhance circulation in stagnant musculature and fascia
  • Stimulates the peripheral nervous system

It is the art of creating space in the body.

Suction Action: A suction gun/pump is used to produce a negative air pressure vacuum inside the cups which have been placed on the skin. The suction works to release tight soft tissues and muscles.

STAGNATION versus FLOWING of body fluids and life force energy.

The danger of blood, lymph fluid, or Qi stagnation are well known to Chinese Traditional Medicine and the cupping technique has been used for century to alleviate illness symptoms and prevent desease.

learn more about Chinese Traditional Medicince and any contra-indications to Cupping Massage

Suction Pump Method

Stationary cupping - The cup is applied to a specific location on the body, a favorite area is the on the broad area of the back.

Running cupping - Lubricant is applied to the skin, a cup is adhered to the body and circular movements or long strokes with the cups can help release stubborn knots, adhesions and other types of rigid tissue or drain fluid accumulation.

Cupping Marks

The negative pressure from the cups cause extravasation of blood from peripheral capillaries and result in discoloration of the skin, this is known as Petechia. It is not a rupture of capillaries as in bruising and the discoloration fade from hours up to 2 weeks depending on the amount of stagnation and time of cup placement.

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